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Find Your Perfect Ring Size | Ring Size Guide
Chart of Greatness | Ring Sizes


Determine your ring size using a ruler and a ring of the size that suits you. 

Measure the circumference and consult the chart above to determine your size.

If your ring is halfway between two sizes, it is best to take the larger size for more comfort.

Necklace Length Chart


1. Consider your body shape: The length of a necklace can highlight different parts of your figure. If you want to draw attention to your neck and décolleté, opt for a short necklace of 40 to 45 cm. Long necklaces of 60 cm or more can visually elongate your figure.

2. The type of necklace: For example, choker necklaces are generally short (30 to 40 cm) and highlight the neck. Pendant necklaces or long necklaces are longer (50 to 90 cm) and can be worn in different ways to create various styles.

3. Your outfit: Think about the outfit you will wear with the necklace. A short necklace can complement a V-neck, while a long necklace can be perfect for a high-neck dress.

5. Consider layering: If you like to layer multiple necklaces, make sure the lengths complement each other rather than tangling.



Measure your wrist: Use a soft tape measure or string to measure the circumference of your wrist, just above the bone. Make sure the measurement is tight, but not too tight, so the bracelet will fit comfortably.

  1. Add margin: In general, it is recommended to add about 1 to 2 centimeters to your wrist measurement to obtain the ideal bracelet length. This will depend on your personal preference. If you like more fitted bracelets, add 1 cm. If you prefer them to be looser, add 2 cm. The standard size is 6.5 inches.

  2. Consider the type of bracelet: The ideal size may vary depending on the type of bracelet you choose. Rigid bracelets, like bangles, should be large enough to fit over your hand. Elastic bracelets can be adjusted a little more.

  3. Consider the style: Consider the style of the bracelet and how you want to wear it. For example, if you plan to layer multiple bracelets, it might be a good idea to choose slightly different sizes to create an attractive layering effect.

Polish Loop | Creole Loop | Huggie Loop | Sleeper Loop | Stud earrings | Ear Fleas


  1. The Polish woman: These earrings are distinguished by their semi-circle fixed to the ear. 

  2. Creole:Hoop earrings are essential for casual and chic style. Their circular or oval design, sometimes decorated with details, makes them versatile and fun to wear. 

  3. The Huggies:Huggies are small earrings that seem to “hug” the earlobe. They are discreet and comfortable, perfect for a subtle look.

  4. The Sleepers: Leverback earrings are hoops that attach to the inside of the tube, so as to form a perfect circle with the invisible attachments.

  5. Ear fleas: Stud earrings are small beads or delicate designs attached directly to the earlobe. They are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your daily outfit.

  6. Ear studs:Stud earrings are jewelry basics. They are minimalist, elegant and perfect for everyday use. Their simplicity makes them a timeless choice that suits all occasions.


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